Dark mode, but not carelessly

I really like dark mode. I use it on all my devices, and light-mode feels much more strenuous on my eyes.

Still, I came across a post from Jen Simmons yesterday saying:

I’m seeing a concerning trend of webpages that are designed for dark mode only. They present light-text-on-a-dark-background all the time. There is no light mode. No respecting the user’s preference.

I literally cannot read white text on dark backgrounds. At least not more than a few words worth. It’s weird to slowly have more and more of the web become unusable to me.

Do better.

It’s super easy to provide both. We should all provide both.

Link to the Mastodon post from Jen Simmons

And I mean, it's not really much to argue about, is it? She is just plainly right. Let's just do better.

So at least now I've added a few lines of CSS to provide a light mode to the blog. It's not exactly polished, but at least I'm not just carelessly ignoring people having real issues.

(I know I'm late to the party, but doing my best just like everyone else ✌️)