Why keep writing?

Good question.

I guess a natural follow up question is: Why did you start in the first place?

Also a good question. Let's try it:

  1. "Writing to learn": I believe that writing is a great way to learn.

  2. It sorts floating thoughts somewhere. Sure, could be private notes. Could be a physical notepad. Could be a lot, but since I make web pages for a living, that also seems like a good solution.

  3. Practice. I really believe writing is a core skill that never goes out of date, and always will be relevant. And writing a blog trains that writing muscle.

  4. Learning to let go. Clicking that "publish" button might not mean much. After all, I can most probably count on one hand the readers of this post. Still, it feels like a massive hurdle. And because "caring less what others think" is a personal goal of mine, writing and pressing publish aligns well with that. The uncomfort is just proof that I still care too much.

Ok, so that's at least something.

Not a great list, but enough to keep me at it for now.

"Writing is easy. You only need to stare at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead"
Gene Fowler