Victory belongs to the most Tenacious

Alternatively "Victory belongs to the most persevering".

The quote was originally from Napoleon, but was also used by Roland Garros (A First World War hero and trailblazer for aviation).

Anyways… I'm no history teacher, I just really like the quote, and I've been a big fan of Nadal through all his years in professional tennis.

French Open (Also often referred to as Roland Garros), is a Grand Slam tennis tournament (Highest level tournament).

The quote adorns one of its stadiums, and I really feel it fits the feat it is to win a Grand Slam tournament.

But I have one issue with it.

Why in the world would women not also play best of 5 sets, as the men do?

The whole idea behind the quote, and why Grand Slams are the epitome of a tennis feat is exactly that; it is best of 5 sets, not 3.

I see absolutely no reason why that shouldn't be the same for women.

I feel its robbing both the female athletes, and the audience of great and potentially legendary matches.

French open on Roland Garros: