Using Laravel Valet at the same time as DDEV

I mainly work with Craft CMS sites currently, and I made the switch from Laravel Valet to DDEV as per their suggestions last year.

Generally there is much to like about DDEV, especially the aspect of having different versions of PHP per project is a bit easier to maintain than it was in Laravel Valet, and to have this config directly in the project files. 

But I sure do miss the simplicity that Valet had. Just drop a folder into the parked folder, and its instantly available at foldername.test in the browser.

Especially seeing my newfound fascination for the flat file CMS Kirby, I really miss being able to just drop the folder in the Valet directory and be up and running.

So, now I run both side by side. This is how I've done it:

I've made two separate coding folders: One for my DDEV projects (Craft CMS), and one for Valet; my new "lightweight" quick work directory.

To avoid port-issues I set up DDEV projects using a specific port:

router_http_port: "8080"
router_https_port: "8443"

This somehow still didn't allow me to ddev start my projects initially, because it still squirmed about port 433 being in use. So it was needed to do a ddev poweroff before the ddev start.