The slow transition from Google

This year I have decided to make the leap, and transition from my trusty Gmail account. I have long considered to, but the task felt so huge that I always pushed it aside.

I was a user of gmail since the early beta-stages. For a long time I was even a huge proponent of it. Suggested it to friends and family as a great alternative to hotmail, gmx, outlook and the likes. At the time it was a big plus for me that it was «free», and I had absolutely no interest in paying money when a free option was available.

Fast forward 20 years, and I still have that «free» gmail account. Except this time I know the greater picture of that free-business model. I know that I’ve basically given insight to my whole digital mailbox the last 2 decades, and it starts to bother me looking back.

I no longer look at free products as being actually free, but consider what lies within the free-model. Maybe its just me getting older too, but I can’t help but feel much more inclined to use products that are fairly priced in an understandable way – rather than free products that I either don’t understand how makes money, or don’t like how makes money.

Which is why I’m now here. This is my new home for my emails. Hey perfectly answers all my wishes for what an email service should be.

It will take time. I know that. I will still depend on gmail for a while longer. But the transition has started.

Take ownership of your digital life. And don’t keep all your digital services with one company!

– Eddie