Share your work

I saw this tweet the other day, and it resonated with me.

It hits me at the right moment, because I both try to convince myself that this blog has a reason to live, and at the same time try to convince myself to take my work less "seriously", and enjoy the process more. 

I've been locked in a "never good enough" state all my life, and finally I think I'm old enough to let go of other peoples expectations and just roll with how things are.

It doesn't even have to be prosess / work, but it can also just be thoughts and unsorted ideas / inspirations.

Another big inspiration on that hand is Chris Coyier. He has always been a great inspiration when it comes to honestly sharing his work. I keep going back to his blog, because so much of the writing he does resonate with me. Not long ago he also made a convincing argument about using a blog as the "ultimate long term storage of ideas, bookmarks, tools and inspiration. I really like that idea.

I've been here many times before, and I might well not be able to follow through on this, but here's to trying!