Notecards – physical or digital

I've long been fascinated by the notecard systems of people like Ryan Holiday and Billy Oppenheimer, and no less fascinated by the quality of content they consistently share.

My current system for collecting nuggets and wisdom I pick up in everyday life is a mess. I kind of use "likes" on twitter as a way to "remember" good bits, and I use Apple Notes for writing up ideas I get. On top I heavily use bookmarks, with a bit of Mymind mixed in. And then there's this blog, which also somehow acts as a note taking device.

This week I decided to give Zettelkasten a go. Because as much as I find it cool with the hand-written direction Ryan Holiday and Billy Oppenheimer take, I don't think that's for me. The leap is too big. And I feel like I can better express my thoughts with a keyboard in front of me than with pen and paper.

Either way, I really love the software made by the Zettelkasten crew called "The Archive".

Note Taking: Nimble, Calm, Plain.txt

I know there are many options out there. Many people seem to love Obsidian for instance. But for me, The Archive is much more appealing in its simplicity.

It kind of reminds me of 37Signals, and their philosophy to making products.