Are we living in a digital plastic age?

"The average size of our sites doubled in the last 10 years. We honestly need to think about «digital degrowth».

We are not building better sites than 10 years ago. The quality does not match the resources we waste."

– Bastian Allgeier

This really speaks to me.

I often think about wether its purely nostalgia, or any reasonable thought behind my need to simplify web development. I find it has gotten unnecessarily complicated the last decade, and often not resulting in better experiences on the web.

That's why I really get pulled towards tools that embrace this "less is more" attitude. One examples being Kirby CMS"Just files and folders. Kirby stores your content in simple text files. Folders are pages. Add images, documents and videos and you are ready to go. It’s that simple.". It was also what attracted me to Perch CMS back in the day: "The really little content management system".

Its also what I always enjoyed about Apple and in particular Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, and the influential Braun designer Dieter Rams. "Less is more".

I guess its a general principle moreso than a specific topic of website development. But it becomes clearer and clearer for me that the path forward (for me) is in decluttering and simplifying. Focus on the essentials, and do them well.